martedì 24 luglio 2012

GPS Viewer - Battery Operated

This is the low-power version of GPS Viewer. This version is to be used with 3 AA batteries and only with a Nokia3310 LCD.

Since in this version the PLL, external crystals and 5V are disabled, you need a Pickit2 or a Pickit3 in order to programming the new firmware. The GPS-Viewer battery operated uses a different configuration word, edits are:
  • Primary Oscillator disabled
  • Internal oscillator (8MHz) used
  • Secondary Oscillator disabled
Other than this software modifications, you must do some modifications on the board too:
  • Remove the 5V voltage regulator (IC1 : 7805CV)
  • Short the input and output pins of IC1 (on the silkscreen this pads are marked with 'I' and 'O')
  • Connect a 3xAA Battery Holder to X1 (screw terminal) connector
Now your GPS Viewer is a portable device, suitable for Geocaching!

Here is the source code, only for ORbit16 buyers:

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