domenica 22 luglio 2012

OLED library for PIC32 and PIC24

I've uploaded a new library and a new demo for using the OLED display on ORbit16™. The kind of display used is UG-2864 from Univision Technologies. This display works at 3.3V and is based on SSD1306 controller and has a resolution of 128x64.

Library is the same for both MPLAB C30 and C32 compilers. Demo has 2 different projects for PIC24FJ64GB002 and PIC32MX250F128B, the main is the same for both compilers but the code selection is made by using #if defined (__C30__) and (__C32__) statements.

Do you want to buy an ORbit16 and access to all codes and support 

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  2. Hello, how can i download Library ? it's impossible to register ( ask invite code from blog)
    Help please ! Thanks

  3. HELLO??? All these libraries are in a members area and not able to be downloaded or used. How is one supposed to be able to obtain these libraries?

    Thank you.