martedì 24 luglio 2012

The Confetti Clock

My friend's sister just married, so, following an Italian habit, she gave me a box of "confetti" (a word that stays for sugar-coated almonds). The clear acrylic box was too nice to be leaved alone so I decided to use it for a my old project, but with some consistent modifications. 

The Confetti Clock is a battery operated clock/calendar with an indication of the Saint of the day. It's designed around a PIC24FJ64GB002 (16bit MCU) running with the internal oscillator (8MHz). The internal RTCC (Real Time Clock Calendar) module is used too. Calendar is showed on a old Nokia 3310 LCD (based upon PCD8544 controller).

3 Tactile switches are used as Set / Up / Down functions. When Set button is pressed, the item currently modified flashes, then you can adjust it using Up/Down buttons. By pressing Set again, you select the next item and so on until the end/exit from Set mode. If you stay too much time without pressing anything, the Set mode is auto-terminated.

The lcd library uses a bigger font (12x16 pixels) for showing the time and a standard font (5x8 pixels) for the other infos. Clock operates with 3 AA batteries. The box is larger enough to contain pcb and battery holder.

Other pictures on the facebook page.

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