domenica 21 agosto 2011

Nokia display driver online

I've just posted 2 very interesting pages on the ORbit16™ website.

One is about the PCD8544 library. The PCD8544 is a controller used in the Nokia 5110 and Nokia 3310 LCDs. The library is provided with full documentation. A document will show you the electrical connections of the display and the usage of the library. The library itself is capable to write to the display:

  • Signed integers
  • Unsigned integers
  • Strings
  • Single chars
  • Bitmaps
  • Icons
The library page, with full documentations, included the PCD8544 datasheet is located here: 
a document will show the bitmap/icons drawing is also provided!

I've written also an usage example of this library, in this page:

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